Couple Converts Ambulance into Incredible Tiny Home

ambulance tiny house

It seems that any time of automobile can be converted into a living space these days. We have seen extensive school bus conversion, or as they are affectionately known, skoolies.

This latest feature is an ambulance conversion certainly not something you see every day.

Tiny House Giant Journey on YouTube recently featured a couple, Greg and Ginger, and their converted ambulance. It is packed with unique and creative ways of looking at a small living space.

When the couple decided to take up travel as a full time gig, they quickly realized their love for off-roading.

After spending months looking for a suitable vehicle to convert, they finally found one that fit the bill. It looks more like an armored money transport truck than a typical ambulance, and is very capable of off-roading. They loved it right away, and even bought it sight unseen.

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ambulance tiny house
Photo courtesy of Instagram/driventoadventures

Their budget was $56,000, and they ended up spending just over $59,000. That’s inclusive of the ambulance itself plus the modifications. These improvements included adding two more fuel tanks, nearly tripling the capacity to 110 gallons. That gives it a very nice range of 900 miles. They also put in 2 Tesla batteries.

At the back, they put a big rack to hold their bikes, and tools, plus also a hammock system.

ambulance tiny house
Photos courtesy of Tiny House Giant Journey

ambulance tiny house
ambulance tiny house
ambulance tiny house

The build-up was quite extensive as they planned on doing long-term travels. The livable space is 112 square feet, insulated with closed cell spray foam.

ambulance tiny house

Right at the entrance is an isotherm fridge and freezer, enough to stock up food supplies, especially meat, for extended periods.

ambulance tiny house

There is a diner table that also doubles as the office/work space. The table extends out and can thus accommodate up to 6 people at a go.

What they did for the sleeping area is very impressive. The table, which is motorized, drops down and the bed slides out.

ambulance tiny house

The kitchen counter is a light weight butcher board, with a two burner induction cooktop fitted neatly. Below that is an airfryer oven.

ambulance tiny house
ambulance tiny house

The bathroom is just big enough for one person.

Check out the full tour.

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