Seattle Approves Increasing Number of Tiny House Villages for the Homeless

Tiny House Village Seattle

The tiny house movement is seeing some movement in Seattle.

After shutting down the Northlake tiny house village late last year, the city has now lifted the limits to allow upto 40 tiny house villages.

Currently there are 8 villages operating around the city specifically built to deal with homelessness.

Neighbors have raised concern about the program started in 2015, but councilmembers are now of the view that the villages are doing a great job moving people out of homelessness. They argue more are needed.

Councilmember Kshama Sawant sponsored the legislation that will now allow up to 40 tiny house villages and tent cities safe lots around Seattle.

Another Councilmember, Alex Pedersen, was of an opposing view arguing that the cap should be lower at 15. His counter-proposal was shut down.

Tracy Williams is one of the beneficiaries, having moved into a tiny house at True Hope about three weeks ago. She says she has found new hope, having been on the verge of living on the streets.

“This program has helped me because it has put a roof over my head,” Williams said. “I’ve been actively involved, have a case manager and been doing a couple of housing applications.”

On top of allowing more tiny house communities, the legislation also eases several other rules. For instance, tiny house villages can now exist indefinitely as long as they renew their permit once a year.

The bill is awaiting Mayor Jenny Durkan signature to become law. Currently, there is enough money budgeted for the construction of 2 more villages.

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