Watch: Tiny House 3D Printed in 48 Hours

Tiny House 3D printed

Tiny House 3D printedThe construction industry is catching up with 3D printing technology.

What started as a way to print hobby objects, or to prototype new designs is now going big.

We have seen houses whose external structure is 3D printed, and the trend will only go up.

Whatever is good enough for normal houses is also good for tiny houses. And even as 3D printing goes big, it can do so in a tiny way.

Two companies, Icon and New Story, earlier this year showed a proof of concept tiny house, which they say will allow more sustainable home building.

Tiny House 3D printed 1

The 350 square meter house was fully 3D printed, and is located in Austin, Texas.

“We feel it’s our responsibility to challenge traditional methods and work toward ending homelessness. By working with Icon and leveraging their 3D printing innovations, we’re able to reach more families with the best possible shelter solutions, exponentially faster,” Brett Hagler, CEO of New Story said.

This Austin home was printed in less than 48 hours, but the company thinks they can build even faster.

It cost $10,000 to print (printed portion only), but the two companies want to bring the cost down to a mere $4000.

Here’s a video of the process.

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