What To Know When Preparing to Move into a Tiny House

Things to know when moving into a tiny house

Things to know when moving into a tiny houseMoving into a tiny house may seem a bit more exciting than it is in reality. Tiny houses come with their fair share of positives and negatives. Some of the pros of a tiny house include family spending more time together and getting rid of unnecessary luggage at home. Tiny houses also help to save financially by cutting house rent and utility costs

However, the process of moving from a normal house to a tiny one can go very badly for the unprepared person.

Here are some things that can help prepare the transition to a tiny house.

Stay in a tiny house beforehand

Before building or buying a tiny house, it is only common sense to first test our your new lifestyle. Living in a small space may be a challenge for anyone who is used to a lot of room.

Before you make the jump, visit friends of people you know that live in tiny houses. If that’s not possible, book a tiny house on Airbnb or other sites and stay there for a couple of days. This is important as it helps reduce the transition shock

Gett rid of stuff

When downsizing, a lot of things that would ordinarily fit in a normal house will have to be left out. Many functional things will have to be used for multiple purposes. Furniture will have to be custom made for this new small space meaning a lot of old furniture will not make it. Many people looking to move to a tiny house want a simpler way of living. Getting rid of old stuff will mean reminiscing about old memories but the nostalgia will soon fade away. Prioritize on needs rather than wants.

Be ready for the critics

There will be close friends and family members who will have a lot to say about the move. Some will not understand the need and will give different opinions and advice. Listen, but you don’t have to take the advice, especially from people who have no experience in that kind of lifestyle. At the end of the day, the decision is yours.

Quit bad spending and consumer habits

Even with a small space, it is hard to let go of the bad habit of buying stuff we don’t really need. In a tiny space, impulse spending and buying things because they are ‘cute’ will quickly fill up your house making it a living hell. Purpose to live with only the necessary things. Understand that marketing does not have to lure you into getting unnecessary material.

Be part of a community

In many states, the tiny house community is a special part of most individual owners. Ideas are shared on things pertaining to the importance and challenges associated with building and living in a tiny house. Being part of a community that understands the daily struggles and bliss associated with small spaces is a breath of fresh air.

Be financially aware and responsible

Tiny house living comes with a lot of costs being sliced off one’s plate. Too soon the owners realize that there are still some financial burdens that need to be taken care of. New house owners should be prepared to pay a zoning fee that allows them to stay in a residential area. If the house is on wheels, the trailer has to be registered and allowed parking rights. A lot of utilities being custom made means they come at a cost. It would be irresponsible to think that living in a tiny house means living wild and free away from financial responsibilities.


Do not be deceived by this tiny lifestyle. Moving into a tiny house is a big decision. Go in wisely.

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