San Jose Launches Tiny House Community for the Homeless

Tiny House Community San Jose

The city of San Jose in California has launched a tiny house community for its homeless.

Dubbed the Mabury Bridge Housing Project, the community is 3 years in the making and comprises of 40 tiny houses to help those transitioning out of homelessness.

The village has been built on a vacant lot owned by Valley Transit Authority. It is one of two similar villages that have been planned by the city, the second slated to open later this year.

Despite being one of the richest places on earth factoring the wealth of Silicon Valley, San Jose is suffering a homelessness epidemic just like the rest of California.

The latest estimates have the number of those sleeping in cars, streets and in shelters within the San Jose city limits at 6,172. That’s a 42% increase from 2017.

The Mabury Bridge Housing Project was built by a group of volunteers at a cost of just $6,500 each.

Most of the units measure 80 square foot, with two being slightly larger to cater for residents with disabilities.

Each unit comes with a twin bed, desk, storage, laundry and shower facilities. The kitchen is shared, and there is also a communal space for socializing.

The village has parking space, staff office and 24/7 security.

Those who will be lucky to get a unit will have their stay limited to 60 days, a period during which they should work to put their affairs in order.

The total cost of the project was $2 million.

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