San Antonio Councilwoman Calls for Change of Codes To Allow Tiny Homes

A councilwoman in San Antonio, Texas is advocating for the change of building codes to allow building of tiny homes. This she says will help deal with the homelessness in the city.

Shirly Gonzales of District 5 argues that the codes need to be changed, so that developers can find it a lot easier to build tiny houses.

”Perhaps there’s better things we can do from a code perspective, to help people get out of the streets into permanent housing,” she told News4.

A church in San Antonio has actually built a tiny home village meant for the homeless, but it lies empty. The biggest obstacle has been bringing them in line with existing codes.

They religious leaders are working with the city, and now hope to have people move in within 6 months.

Watch councilwoman Gonzalez interview.

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