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Tiny house builders in Michigan

Tiny House Regulations and Zoning Requirements in Michigan

Michigan is perhaps the most tiny-house friendly of all the midwest states, and the evidence to that is the many tiny home builders that have popped up across the state.
Many counties and towns are adapting to this kind of housing.

In 2016 for example, Briley township in northern Michigan adapted its zoning regulatons to be more tiny house friendly. They came up with a new type of dwelling dubbed ‘Economy Efficient Dwelling’.

It is defined as a dwelling that is more than 240 sq ft but less than 500 sq ft with a minimum side elevation of no less than 12 ft and no more than 20 ft, minimum length of 20 feet and a maximum length of 30 ft. It must be built on a permanent foundation.

In Detroit, ADUs are allowed, but only in certain zoning districts. R1 and R2 districts do not allow them.
Also, for the zones that allow ADUs, you can only live there if someone is currently living in the primary dwelling.

Overall, owning and living in a tiny house in Michigan is still relatively easy.

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