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Tiny House Regulations and Zoning Requirements in Maine

Maine is one of the most tiny house friendly states in the country, if not the most.
It is one of the few states that actually have statewide guidelines for tiny houses, instead of wholly leaving the matter to the towns, cities and counties.
A tiny house is defined as a unit with less than 400 square feet.

The tiny houses are classified in 3 groups:
1. Site-built tiny homes – those constructed on site which follow existing regulations and zoning requirements.
2. Tiny homes not on wheels – those built off site and transported to the site for permanent installation. Some towns and cities in Maine will not allow these if they were built and inspected in other towns.
3. Tiny homes on wheels – These have to follow RV or Park Model RV standards. Building inspections and standards do not apply to them.

The state has adopted the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC), which is a revised and friendly code when it comes to tiny houses. Many other states are stuck to the older 2012 IRC, which makes it difficult to build tiny.

When it comes to tiny homes on wheels, some cities in Maine offer a generous 120 days per year, when it doesn’t have to meet requirements for residential structures.

Overall you will get a mostly hassle-free experience building your tiny house here.

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