Lexington, Kentucky To Hold Vote on Whether To Allow Tiny Houses and Granny Flats

Kentucky Tiny House laws

The debate on whether to allow tiny houses has finally reached fever pitch in Kentucky.

The city of Lexington will soon be making a determination on whether to allow granny flats and tiny homes in its neighborhoods.

This debate has been ongoing for more than two years, and certainly sentiments may have changed over time as tiny houses gain more acceptance across the state and the country at large.

On September 14, Lexington council will hold a meeting to allow public comment and possibly even take its first vote on the matter. The meeting will be held at 5p.m. in the council chambers, and the matter of accessory dwellings will be the only agenda, meaning we might actually see some movement.

In October 2019, the Urban County Planning Commission voted unanimously to ammend city zoning ordinances, so as to allow tiny houses. That was in the midst of a lot of push back from residents.

After hearing the concerns of the public, the commission made some changes, among them: requiring an owner to live in the home or the accessory dwelling unit, conditional permit required for short-term rentals such as Airbnb, number of people in an accessory dwelling unit limited to two adults and any related children, and owners have to meet with planning staff prior to building an accessory dwelling unit.

However, debate on the matter was paused because of the pandemic, until such a time when an in-person meeting could be held.

While proponents see this as a way to help Lexington’s housing, opponents do not believe the city will be able to oversee and police accessory dwelling units and make sure the program isn’t abused.

Among those on-board with the proposal are the city’s senior citizens commission and those in the disability community.

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