Kingwood, Houston High School Students Building Tiny Homes for Vets

A group of high school students in Kingwood, Houston, is spending their time building tiny homes for homeless veterans.

On Monday, the teenagers unveiled their second tiny home, a 209 square-feet unit built for a yet to be identified veteran.

The house has been fitted with essentials such as a bed, chairs, dinning table and cabinetry.

“I’ve been working on this house for two years,” C.J. Schoettlin, a student at Kingwood Park High School, said.

“We hope to make these for years to come,” another KPHS senior, Parker Ryan noted.

The two are architecture and engineering students at KPHS, and this is their second project.

Their first house was given to U.S. Marine Corps veteran Edward Rodriguez.

“It totally upended my life,” Rodriguez said. “I lost my house, my job and found myself in need. I’d always been independent, a marine, the hero, do things by myself, and then I found myself humbled, so to speak.”

Speaking of the experience of helping out, Ryan said, “Being able to pick up a veteran off the street and give him a home to live in and grow is just amazing to me.”

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