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Tiny House Regulations and Zoning Requirements in Kansas

Kansas is one of the best states to build and own a tiny home. The state has embraced the concept, and have gone ahead and relaxed most regulations preventing their adoption, and implemented new ones that clarity their standing.

Almost as an opposite to most states, Kansas is actually more accepting of tiny houses built on permanent foundations, than those on wheels. A tiny house on wheels is only allowed to be parked on approved campgrounds. There is no code that permits parking them on private land.

However when it comes to tiny houses on foundations, there are several clear guidelines. Here are some of them:

1. A tiny house build on a foundation should have a minimum square footage of 170.
2. It should be comprised of one room that is at least 150 square feet.
3. A second room, which must not be a kitchen or bathroom, should be at least 50 square feet.
4. The lot area must be at least 3000 square feet.
5. Tiny houses can only be built in zoning district RS3 and above. However, those classified as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) cannot be built in RS3 and RS5 zoning districts.
6. Composting toilets are not allowed.
7. If using a wind generation system, the maximum height is 35 feet.

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