Is This ‘Tiny House’ in Maplewood Too Big To be a Tiny House

What really is the actual definition of a tiny house?

The exact dimensions needed for a house to qualify for this definition are unclear. The ‘smallness’ of a house subjective, and therefore we can only go with rough definitions.

Many agree that anything under 500 square feet can fit this description.

But one Realtor listing in Maplewood in St. Louis, Missouri has left many wondering whether it really is a tiny house.

To be fair, the house is smaller than your average home, and even cheaper too. From the outside it looks like any other tiny house you could encounter. But the real contention is inside.

At only 476 sq ft, nothing feels tiny inside this house. It has just one bedroom and 1.5 baths, but the sizes of every room are quite generous as opposed to what we usually show you on this blog.

Heck, it even has a basement, something almost unheard of in this tiny lifestyle.

The house is on the market for $82,000, obviously a higher side when talking of tiny houses. But with that you also get a decently sized lot.

Check it out and decide whether this is truly a tiny house. Personally I would argue it is somewhere between tiny and normal.

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