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Tiny house builders in Illinois

Tiny House Regulations and Zoning Requirements in Illinois

In Illinois, tiny houses are not exactly a common sight.
The state has a long way to go before becoming tiny house-friendly. In most parts of the state, they are outrightly not allowed, or simply exist in a gray area that may or may not put the owner in legal jeorpardy.

As with many other states that have not moved with the times, tiny houses in Illinois are classified as trailers and mobile homes, and hence fall under the DMV.

The state’s largest city, Chicago, is particularly open about its dislike for tiny houses and other Accesory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The city zoning department has in the past prevented further construction of the units, but now locals are wondering whether their acceptance could be the answer to Chicago’s affordable home shortage.

All in all, the state is still one of the worst places for the tiny movement in America.

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