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Tiny House Regulations and Zoning Requirements in Idaho

Idaho is not the first state you would look for progressive laws.
However, they have done quite well when it comes to tiny homes. There are still some strict laws making tiny living almost impossible in some parts of the states, but Idaho is ahead of many states when it comes to even recognizing them.

In most states, tiny houses exist in a grey area, legally speaking.
In Idaho however, the state laws specifically talk about tiny homes of different types, including those that are manufactured in a factory setting.

In 2017, Boise county adopted new codes that relax the regulations on tiny house, based on international building codes. Restrictions on room sizes, among others, were elimininated.
They also recognized a tiny house as a house of 400 feet or less. It is legal in this county to build a tiny house of any kind, as long as is built on a foundation, has a wood frame and meets zoning requirements.

Statewide, the Idaho Division of Building Safety requires that dwelling units, of which tiny houses are specifically included, fall into one of the following classifications:

Site Built – A building constructed at the location where it is to be used. Not intended or designed to be moved.
Modular Building – Any building or building component other than a manufactured home that is of closed construction and either entirely or substantially prefabricated or assembled at a place other than the building site. (I.C. §39-4301)
Manufactured Home– A structure built in compliance with HUD manufactured home construction and safety standards established under 42 U.S.C. section 5401, and defined at I.C. §39-4105.
Recreational Vehicle – A motor home, travel trailer, fifth-wheel trailer, park model recreational vehicle, truck camper or folding camping trailer designed for recreational, camping or seasonal use (I.C. §49-119). A park model recreational vehicle is a type of recreational vehicle built on a single chassis w/ no more than 400 square feet in area (I.C. §49-117)

Zoning and other permits fall under specific cities or counties.
Overall, the minimum square footage a house can be allowed to have in Idaho is 150.

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