Demand for Tiny Houses Goes Up During Pandemic as More People Turn Backyards into Offices

2020 may not have been a good year for the world economy, but one sector that seen increased demand is tiny houses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many workers to work from home.

It goes without saying that not everyone’s bedroom or dining table is ideal for serious work. Interuptions and disruptions from kids and pets can make it impossible to concentrate.

Many have found a workaround by investing in tiny houses, which they have had installed or built in their backyards.

Indeed, several companies that build tiny houses have pivoted to backyard offices during this time.

One such company is Boss Homes, which has seen a 35% increase in sales. “We’ve seen just a huge explosion in our orders,” CEO Viken Ohanesian says.

Many of their orders are designed as do-it-yourself kits, and can be completed in just 3 days.

A basic model is just 160 square feet, and it goes for $13,000.

“The nice part is that when I’m here, you know, I’ll be at work, and they’ll know that clear separation, and then when I’m at home they’ll know I’m available for them to, you know, assist them on whatever they need,” Miguel Blass, a customer who has been working from home since March told CBS Miami.

“I’m in here with, you know, my entire family, we’re three generations in here, so it can get kind of, you know, rowdy,” he added.

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