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Tiny House Regulations and Zoning Requirements in California

California is one of the best states to build or own a tiny house. It has numeours tiny home communities spread across the state.

As with other states, building and codes and zoning codes vary from county to county and from city to city.

California is a vast state with 58 counties and 478 cities. A good number of them are quite strict on their view of what a tiny house can be.

Most of it boils down to whether the tiny house is on a permanent foundation, or whether it is on wheels.

Some of the more unfriendly counties for tiny house on wheels are Alameda, Napa, Sacramento, Contra Costa, Medocino and Sonoma where tiny houses are allowed as long as they are built on the backyard of someone who needs constant care.

Cities like Fresno however are more friendly, and don’t have a ‘caregiver dwelling’ clause on tiny house on wheels.

For permanent tiny homes on a foundation, the rules will differ, but here are some basic conditions that must be met:

  • It must maintain the character of the neihborhood.
  • Units must be in harmony with developed neighborhood.
  • The exterior of the tiny house must be the same as the primary dwelling
  • Only one unit per lot.

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