Britain’s Smallest House Finally Gets a Sofa That Fits

A tiny property in Conwy, North Wales, dubbed ‘the smallest house in the UK’ has a new furniture addition.

The house, which is just 6 feet wide and 10 feet high, is owned by Jan Tyley. 6 months every year, he keeps it running as a tourist attraction, receiving over 55,000 visitors.

“The house has been in my family for five generations,” Jan told The Mirror.

“My great great grandfather bought it in 1891 as a letting property. But nine years later the council told him it was too small to be a house and they wanted to pull it down.

“Luckily, he was good friends with the editor of the local newspaper, who started a campaign to find out if it was the smallest house in the country.”

And that’s how it got itself saved. However, it was still determined that the house was too small to live in, and was therefore preserved as a tourist attraction. It is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the UK’s smallest house.

The house more or less preserves its state from a century ago. A tiny iron bed, and no toilet.

Since nobody lives there, there has been little need for furniture. However, sofa company ‘Snug‘ recently got in touch with the owner to find out if one of their sofas could fit.

Well, they succeeded in both fitting the sofa inside, and documenting the process. Check out the photos.

Photos courtesy of Snug Sofa

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