Boise City Explores Tiny Homes as an Affordable Housing Concept

Boise City Tiny Homes

Boise city in Idaho is exploring different ways of bringing affordable housing to the city.

City employees are currently testing and gathering feedback on three concepts, two of which involve some form of tiny houses.

The first is to provide incentives and assistance to homeowners, encouraging them to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) in their backyards, and then rent them out at affordable rates.

The second option is to allow tiny homes on wheels on people’s backyards, hoping they will rent out these units affordably to people who need them.

The third option is an online home sharing platform, where people with extra space in their houses are matched with people who need some space. Modelled like an Airbnb, but only for Boise city.

In July, the city held an event that allowed residents to tour a tiny home, and provide feedback. While they are not sharing the community’s reaction yet, findings will be presented to the mayor and the city council at the end of the month, for them to make the final decision.

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