Best US Towns and Cities to Build a Tiny House

Best cities to build a tiny house

Planning to move to a smaller space? You will do well to get into this downsizing lifestyle better informed.

Simplicity is the principal reason many move from a big house to a tiny house. When it comes to home living, over half of Americans are comfortable moving into a smaller space less than 600 square feet.

63% of millennials are considering this housing option as it provides much needed freedom. The number of tiny houses has grown tremendously over the years, with over 30k have been sold nationwide last year.

So what are some of the best cities in the US to build or buy your tiny house?

Here are 6 of the best.

Fresno, California

California is the most popular state when it comes to Tiny houses. The state accommodates many tiny house communities and welcomes even more. Fresno is one of the most populous cities in California located in the central valley. The city of Fresno is surrounded by huge farms that produce organic supplies. It was the first city to allow the use of houses on wheels as residential cottages. Other cities in California also allow houses on wheels but unlike Fresno, they have to be owned by the caregivers to the main house.  The city has an artsy view with a strong economy and affordable amenities. Even today, it remains one of the most liberal cities in the country when it comes to tiny living.

Spur, Texas

In the state of Texas, the town of Spur crowned itself as one of the first tiny house friendly towns in the state.  Spur has approximately 1000 people. With little or no regulations on this matter, the town of spur attracts more people to build tiny houses on a solid foundation. The benefits this town offers include outdoor activities such as walking trails, parks and sports venues. Over 70% of lots have been sold to people willing to build Tiny houses. The building plans of these houses must be submitted to the council before building commences.

Brevard, North Carolina

Brevard is a town located in the Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina. This town offers tiny home owners the great incentive of untouched nature. Most of the people building tiny houses are retirees who want to enjoy the serene view. A lot of annual festivals and events are also held here attracting new residents. The city provides a lot of recreational activity such as hiking and parks. A tiny house is a dwelling of less than 800 square feet according to the housing guidelines in Brevard. The tiny house should be in the same residence as the main primary dwelling. The zoning regulations in this state require that all houses be built on a solid foundation as opposed to on wheels.

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Guyton, Georgia

Guyton located in Georgia is well known for being a tiny house friendly town. Guyton is home to many tiny house communities, the most popular being Green bridge farm. This community offers residents 25 wooded acres to build on. The community is surrounded by an organic farm that supplies fruit and vegetable produce. Each plot in the green bridge farm sells for $50,000. Tiny houses in this community are allowed to be permanent residences. Houses on wheels are not allowed.

Walsenburg, Colorado

The state of Colorado offers residency to many people willing to build tiny houses. Walsenburg is a town located in southern colorado with over 3000 residents. The regulations in this town allow for tiny houses to be built on a solid location and not on trailers. The houses should also be connected to the town’s water and sewage utilities. The light, ventilation and life-saving requirements must be met in every unit.

Salida, Colorado

Salida is a city in Colorado that is home to a tiny house community known as River view. The town allowed for 200 new tiny houses to be built in this community. Salida is a remarkable place to live offering some of the best outdoor activities and artistic view. The 200 home development plan will offer a community kitchen, storage units and exercise facility.

With the strict zoning regulation and building codes put in place by various states, it is difficult to come across cities or towns hosting tiny house friendly communities. The above are some of the exceptions in the country.

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