Tiny house friendliness:8/10

Tiny house builders in Arizona

Tiny House Regulations and Zoning Requirements in Arizona

Arizona is one of the tiny home-friendliest states in the country.

Despite the differing laws and regulations from county to county, overall it is quite relatively easy to put up your tiny home.

In the second most populaous county, Pima county for example, tiny houses built on permanent foundations are allowed in any zone that allows single-family homes.

Even tiny house houses built on a chassis (but which has been removed), and then attached on a permanent foundation get the same treatment. They are regarded as factory-built buildings.
The county has also eased up on the building code minimum standards when it comes to tiny houses. Some of these are:

  • Allowing ladders to replace a staircase to the loft area
  • Reduced fall protection fr the loft
  • Reduced number of electrical circuits requirement.
  • Decreased room dimension and ceiling height requirement.
  • Decreased insulation requirement.

Coconino county has also eased its regulations in a similar fashion.