Are These Colorful Tiny Homes in Los Angeles The Model for Fighting Homelessness?

By Eric Barrett

In early and mid 2021, Lehrer Architects converted several vacant plots in Los Angeles into colorful and desirable tiny home villages.

Working together with the Bureau of Engineering for the city of LA, Lehrer came up with a suitable design, which can serve as a template for solving homelessness, not just in California, but across the country.

The tiny houses are made using prefabricated pallet shelters, and painted in vibrant colors.

Their first completed project was the Chandler Boulevard Bridge Home Village in February, followed by the much larger Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village, which can accommodate 200 residents. A third project is in the works too.

Each unit is designed to provide shelter for up to 2 people. There are also communal spaces in the community, for dining or socializing.

On top of providing practical solutions to the homelessness crisis in many cities, these projects may provide a template for transforming idle and vacant lots across American cities, that tend to be eyesores. Perhaps this is what local and state governments need to see in order to set aside money for similar projects.

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Check out some photos of the projects courtesy of Lehrer Architects.

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