6 Freedoms That Come With Tiny House Living

Freedoms of Tiny House Living

Freedoms of Tiny House LivingTiny houses have been very popular over the recent years in America and many developed nations. There are different reasons why people are downsizing, the most common being freedom.

Millenials generally tend to avoid the kind of bargage that is treasured by boomers. Whether by choice, or forced by the prohibitively expensive housing market of today.

Tiny houses provide their owners with some remarkable amount of free will. It could be freedom from materialistic possessions, financial debt or escaping from bad consumer habits. Either way, this sort of freedom comes in various forms to various people.

Here are 6 freedoms that come with downsizing

1. No mortgage

Building a tiny house doesn’t require a lot of financial input compared to a normal-sized house. Most small spaces are built using materials that can be recycled and reused. This gives the owners freedom from taking a loan or mortgage to sustain the house. Freedom from debt is one of the biggest reasons many people are opting to choose this way of living. And with less money to pay off, the happier a person lives.

2. Less materialistic

In this age, possessing a lot of material things appears to represent wealth. However, many people are moving away from this thinking, and there is a shift from maximum possession to minimalism. Bad habits surrounding hoarding of stuff are alleviated by downsizing.

A tiny house presents less space for hoarding, which is perfect for those willing to join the downsizing movement. The freedom to live a simple life is becoming a priority for many.

3. Greener future

A greener future has people building smaller houses that emit fewer pollutants and conserve more. Most tiny house communities choose to be eco-friendly, with many set up with solar panels eliminating the use of dirty electricity. The carbon footprint of a tiny house is a fraction of that of a normal-house.

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4. Mobility

Some states allow houses to be built on wheels as long as they follow the zoning regulations. A recreational vehicle provides the freedom to move around freely. Such freedom is what most millennials who want to travel the world are striving for. Living on the road, experiencing the outdoors and random camping is speaks to many of the newer generations.

5. Remote work

Many people are transitioning from the regular 9-5 job to a flexible working schedule. With the rise of jobs provided by technological advancements, many are seeking work outside the four walls of an office, opting to work from home be digital nomads. This provides the freedom to plan your work around other more enjoyable activities, and not vice versa.

Apart from the flexibility, being able to work where you want, when you want has been seen to increase productivity.

6. Peace of mind

The most important kind of freedom comes with peace of mind. Less debt translates to less worry. A tiny house provides just that. Without much to do or work on in a tiny house, the mind experiences some kind of freedom. Most tiny houses are built for the sole purpose of being in touch with oneself, with others and with nature. Tiny house owners thus focus on living a simple life that gets rid of so much worldly pressure. The owners get time to enjoy nature’s benefits and not worry about the much that they don’t have.

Own less stuff and enjoy more freedom. It is really that easy.

”The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion” Albert Camus

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