30+ Studio Apartments with Scandinavian Decor

Scandinavian style studio

Scandinavian style has caught people's imagination in a relatively fast time. In less than two decades, it is now among the top decor styles, and its popularity continues to go.

A huge part in this race to the top has been the continued popularity of IKEA, itself a Scandinavian brand specifically from Sweden. The other two Scandinavian countries of Norway and Denmark also share aspects of the same style.

The main element in this kind of style is the minimalism. Long are the days when houses were stuffed with everything we could lay our hands upon. New home owners and renters, which is basically millenials, have flipped the rule book and now value having less.

Specific furniture designs that depart from old ones are picked to go into the space. In most cases they are white, grey or other neutral colors.

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Coupled with the white or neutral walls, they give an aura or cleanliness and sophistication at the same time.

Of course over the years the Scandinavian style has evolved, with Americans in particular bringing in some of their own touch borrowed from other kinds of decor.

For most people joining the tiny house movement, the Scandinavian style is the default option. The limited space in tiny homes means you need as much space as you can, and must be mindful of the type of furniture you bring along.

Of all tiny dwellings, nowhere is Scandinavian more pronounced than in studio apartments. The style generally goes well with all apartments, but is especially suited for studios.

Below, we look at over 30 studio apartments that have Scandinavian decor. I'm sure you will get a lot of inspiration from this list.

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We start off with this delightful studio in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Scandinavian style studio

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