200 Square Feet Tokyo Tiny Home is an Eye-Opener

Tiny house tokyo

Can tiny houses get even tinier?

Architect Takeshi Hosaka thinks so, and when he and his wife left Yokohama for Tokyo, they moved from one tiny house to an even tinier one.

They have dubbed their new abode, Love2House, and it is clear testament as to how little space we actually need.

Tiny House Tokyo

Tiny House Tokyo

The cost of housing in Tokyo is unbelievably expensive, but somehow Takeshi managed to fit a proper house in just 30 square meters of land.

It is a single-story house is sandwiched between two buildings. However despite its limited floor space, it comes with clear separations; the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are well demarcated.

Tiny House Tokyo

Speaking to Deezen, Hosaka revealed that the design was influenced by the architecture of ancient Roman villas.

Scandinavia also influenced a bit of Love2House design, as the architect had to factor in lack of direct sunlight for 3 months during winter.

“This concept led me to draw the sketch of two curved roofs which are open to the sky,” said Hosaka.

Tiny House Tokyo

Tiny House Tokyo

“In the winter, the two skylights effectively bring soft sunlight into the house and in the summer the house is filled with brilliant sunshine like in a tropical country.”

The roofs are clad externally using galvanized aluminum panels, but left exposed internally.

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